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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 22 - Lifes lessons and how you handle them

I had a conversation with someone that I love and respect a great deal. During that conversation and few sarcastic comments were thrown out at me regarding my endeavor. Things like, "Good luck with that one!" and regarding my weight loss, "I've done that before and had no luck. Don't feel bad!" Now I don't think that this person meant for them to come across in a negative light, but they kind of did. It wasn't so much the words, but more so the tone in which they were said. (and No, it's not Hubby)

Now the old me would have handled it with the mind set of, why should I even try. Or, maybe they are right, what's the use. Instead, I'm going to use this as fuel. Fuel for my fight. Maybe they were just trying to be funny or maybe they have a little self doubt of their own. I don't think that anyone would want a person to fail. I want to show them that I can do it! You know what, I want to show them that they can do this too!

So, if you are trying something new or maybe just challenging, take what is said to you, both good and bad and just run with it....Pun intended. Instead of letting these words eat a whole of doubt in your mind, put them to good use. Use them to fuel that fire!

My grandmother always said, "Never put yourself down, there are tons of other people that will be there to do it for you!"

Remember, you are your best friend and use that to your advantage.

PS, I still love and respect this person very much.

1 comment:

  1. Hubby Checkin In,
    I have an alibi, I was in Vermont freezing my butt off.

    I did continue my conditioning for the Rumpshaker in the gym while I was in Vermont. I couldn't believe the dedication of some of the locals running in ZERO degree temperatures. That is CRAZY.

    7 more wks of training to go!!!