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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 8 - Crappy weather, but I still got it in

Ok, Like I said yesterday, today it was suppose to rain. Well, it did! Did that stop me, HELL NO! I even took my dog. He wasn't so happy, but he got over it real quick. The rain was one of those pain in the ass types. But I kept telling myself that I'm already wet, just keep going. I tell you what, that hot shower afterwards felt reall good.

Today I actually had one of the best walks ever. I pushed myself to jog a little further then I have been. My breathing was good and my calves didn't cramp up. Now I'm not saying that I jogged a mile or even a might have been a little under a quarter of a mile, but the idea is, I jogged and didn't stop short of where I wanted to. I feel pretty good, it may seem like a small accomplishment, but for me that's big!

It has really helped me, posting my thoughts out here for all to see (all 4 of you) :) My struggles, my little big deals. I use to keep this type of stuff all bottled up inside, which would just eat away at me and I would never complete what I set out to do. There is something different about this time. I feel like I not only let myself down if I don't get my walk/jog in, I let all 4 of you down. So I hope that this journey that I'm taking helps someone out there, find there way!

Oh, by the way, I put a shirt on today that has been snug on me, guess's not so snug anymore. I didn't tug at it at all today. That's a good feeling! I know that the numbers on the scale will eventually change, but for now I'll go by how my clothes fit.

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