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Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 20 - 2nd at home weigh-in tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day, it's been 1 week since I've started keeping track of my food and cutting down on my calories. It really hasn't been that bad. I've been doing some really good recipes, which have been helping out. OK, except the Penne madness earlier in the week, the rest have been good. The family seems to be enjoying the recipes too. I actually got them to eat kale...KALE!!!

During the day, I've been trying to keep busy, with my walk/jogs. The house is really clean. You see if I sit too long, I start to mindless eat. That's where you have a bowl of something and before you know it, you're wondering where the food went. You swear that someone else ate it all. You know what I mean.

Anyway, this week I'll start pushing myself with the Cool Runnings, Couch to 5K program. It is a 9 week program. I see the last 20 days, as a warm up. I think that I needed that, so that I totally don't shock my body when I start a strict program. I think that if I didn't do that, my body would be saying right now, "What the %@$@#???" Instead, it's just kind of going with the motion.

My calves have stopped hurting for the most part and my breathing no longer sounds as if I'm sucking wind. It almost has a rhythm to it....Alright, I'm still sucking wind but, it feels good.

I'm starting to get proud of what I've accomplished so far and where I'm going. Each time I start feel like I can't go any further, I push myself a little more.

I'll let you know how I do tomorrow.

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