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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 17 - Penne Pasta with yogurt sauce...Not so good!

Ok, you can't say that I don't try new things. Last night, I tried a new recipe, Penne with yogurt, tomato & basil. Sounds good, right? That would be a, NO! My Hubby is the only one in my family that sat there and ate it. I tried 2 bites, hoping that I could make it past the bitter, nastiness that I had just put into my mouth. Wasn't happening! My oldest son tried a few bites and my youngest looked at me, while I had this look on my face and decided that he wasn't ready to try this meal......So, I had a salad, YUM!

Didn't get my workout in last night. So, tonight, I'm getting it done.

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