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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 59 - My motivational edge

For those of you who know me, you know that my nephew, Michael left this past Sat. for Afghanistan. He is a Marine and is over there defending us against our greatest evil. It's sad to me because, I still remember changing his diaper and him singing, "Bye, Bye Miss American Pie". Now he is in his 20's and doing great things for us. I have always felt that he was someone special, but I think this is the icing on the cake. So, may God and Saint Michael the Archangel, protect him and his troop from the evil that they face.

Today, I had to channel Michael, to be able to get through my jog. I started week 5which consisted of 3 (5 min) jogs surrounded by 2.5 min fast past walks. It was hard, I'm not going to lie. The first 5 mins., I had to walk for about 20 seconds towards the end and then I picked it back up to finish it. As I was walking, I started thinking of him and where/what he is doing. I looked inside myself and I realized, crap, if he can do that, then I can do this! So for my next 2 jogs, I pushed myself. It's funny, there was this kind of peace that came over me. It didn't seem to be kicking my ass. I actually seemed to be working it. It's pretty funny, that feeling after you get done your total jog. The breathlessness, the holy crap, what the hell did I just accomplish, that queen of the world feeling....There truly isn't anything like it! Just don't tell Kristin, she will never let me live that statement down.

So my motivational edge is my nephew, Michael. He is an awesome person doing amazing things! God love him!


  1. Michael has no idea of what he is inspiring in people. He is my motivation too. I've started doing the walking.. I told him that when he gets home I am going to be buff. lol Can girls be buff? lol
    Even at work.. If things get stressful.. all I have to do is stop and put it all in to perspective. He's risking his life each second. So.. stress from my life... It's nothing. There are bigger things to consider.

    Crissy.. I am so proud of you and your path to becoming healthy.

    Love your big tister xo :)

  2. hello, I follow the blogs! Glad to hear you've found another way to stay motivated and inspired. do whatever you have to do, take your mind wherever it needs to go, to get you through your runs to maintain that queen of the world feeling! keep plugging along, you're doing great.