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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 57 - Great Googlie, Mooglie!

OK people, I'm just putting this out there...You do not want to eat chicken fingers, artichoke and spinach dip before a jog...not good. Although, it tasted good going down, it offers no real fuel for jogging. At least that's what I'm going with for today's down fall of my jogging.

I'm not sure who I'm kidding with this jogging crap. Just got done my last day of my 4th week. I pretty much got slammed in the face today. My whole family went jogging and I realized as both of my sons jogged with me....they were walking and my jog wasn't much faster then them. Somethings not right here. When I'm jogging by myself, it seems like I'm going so my faster....I just don't get it. Then both of them are asking me questions as we or I was jogging. Sorry boys, mommy can't talk and jog at the same time, or mommy will pass out! Meanwhile Hubby is jogging up a storm.....WHAT?????? This is just crazy! Out of the 3 days that I jogged this week, I was only able to complete all of my jogs on one day...ONE DAY!!!! Next week, I'm suppose to jog for 8 minutes or something like that...I can't even get past a 5 minute jog, what the hell am I going to do with 8 minutes. It mights as well be the whole 3.2 miles....that just seems so out of reach!

On a bright note, in the last 2 months I lost a total of 16 inches (that's a collection all over my body). So with that being pretty cool, my scales says something else...I'm still only down 10 lbs. My scale and I aren't speaking right now....I think we both need some time apart....It's better that way!

Until my next jog....Keep moving!

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  1. i have to agree, not the best food choice prior to running. that probably contributed to your crappy run, so don't get discouraged. as i told you before, you will have lousy days running. you never know which body will show up when running. your are doing great, hang in there. take one day at a time. and it's only 3.1!