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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 50 - What..the french toast??????????

Today I completed week 3 and feel pretty good....OK pretty tired! Let me just say, Aleeve is my friend. My joints are sore after this run today. Next week I start to throw in 5 minute jogging intervals....Not looking forward to that!

Recently, I read something that made sense. "We set our own limits and it is up to us to keep pushing those limits". This didn't make sense until today. As I was jogging my first 90 second jog (not the last 3 min jog), I just felt like, why am I doing this, I'm never going to be able to complete my 3 minute jog. Well, I pushed through. It helped a great deal seeing my hubby out there on the track. I enjoy just having him out there with me, I don't want him to be right next to me, because I know that I would be keeping him back. But, just seeing him on the track with me, makes me feel so good. Thank you Hun, I love you!

OK, now on to my weight. I stayed the same this week, yet again! For some reason I had problems this week, staying focused on the big prize (better health). Then I made a call to some important people in my life. During that conversation, I realized what I'm still fighting my own self doubt. Throughout this conversation, I heard a lot of sadness, not from me, but from the other person. All of the signs are there, that change needs to happen for them to survive, but they don't make those changes. After that call, I sat there for a few moments and realized, I can't control their situation, but I can control mine. You know, your whole life you see how everyone else handle their situations, good and bad. It's truly how you overcome what God puts in front of you, which defines who we become.

So, I still have some fight in me.......So, bring it on!!!!! I'm ready!

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  1. You are so right about how you handle your self with what God gives you. So, yes, you can do it! We both can. I was doubting myself tonight during my run thinking that I will not ever be able to run for a long period of time and reading your blog made me rethink that. Yes, I can do this and I will. Thanks for this post because I so needed it.