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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 32 - Exactly 1 month as of yesterday

Yesterday was the 1 month anniversary for my journey to a new healthy life. This is the longest I think that I have stuck to something that felt like it was going to kill me. Between the calf cramps, sore shin, cramps under my ribs from all of the breathing like a wounded animal, I'm really proud!

I hated jogging/walking before, because it made me move. Move things that haven't been moved for a long, long, long, long.....time. You get the picture. Now, I can't say that I love it, but I feel like I'm actually accomplishing something. Writing this blog has helped me too. On the days that I don't write on here, I feel like my phone is going to ring and it will be Kristin, my Jillian Michaels. She and my hubby have kept me in the right frame of mind throughout this experience and I am very grateful to have both of them in my life. It has also helped me theroputically. Getting out my fears, self doubt and telling of my goals and accomplishments. Telling everyone where I was and where I want to be, is liberating. So many times my self-doubt tends to take over and I start to feel horrible, not worthly, but that is all changing. Letting all of these thoughts out, has started to open new doors.

Today was my biggest step, I bit the bullet and started the official Couch to 5K, from Cool Runnings. It wasn't as bad as I thought, but we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

So Happy Anniversary to me for sticking with this and seeing it through!! Go Chris, Go Chris!

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